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"Say, do you work here? How did you know what our clients sound like?"

"Bamakom" came here, to the college, to perform a simulation workshop
Prior to the workshop, an in-depth research about the organization was conducted. This allowed characterizing the organization's needs precisely and better correspondence with the workshop content.
It was a very high-level workshop, as if it was tailored to our needs.
After this initial trial, the organization will continue working with "Bamakom", out of long-term consideration, thanks to the professionalism of the team of actors, and Shira's.

Sari Leshem
Public relations, Kinneret College

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Our specialization is in providing management skills that enable managers to achieve their organizational and personal goals by creating a beneficial work environment that encourages employees to be independent, thus relieving the manager of a load of burden and responsibility.

Simulation workshops

In order to learn to do something well, training and repetition are needed. The most effective learning occurs in observation and processing that occurs after each step of training. That is exactly what our simulation workshops allow: a realistic training in complex situations and a subsequent learning process.

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