"The Knowing-Doing Gap" - Closing the gap between knowledge and practice

Simulation workshops for executive training

What makes for a good training?
When participates gain the ability to put their learning into practice, and their self confidence is translated into skills.
This is exactly what dramatized simulations do: they provide an opportunity to implement what was learnt during the training, and perform observation and processing of the experience.
This creates maximum effectiveness in the training.

The most illusive component in training programs, that which make the difference between a good program and an excellent one, is the practice component.
There is a variety of ways to create practice and experiencing in the training: אhere are thought and planning exercises, outdoor exercises, one-on-one practicing, experiences between the meeting and processing them, etc. The sky is the limit.
The most effective and cost-effective practice component is simulations with actors.
Because it does not require imagination in order to deduce from one situation to another, but rather creates an experience that is the closest to the real thing, and yet does not require the expense which comes with practicing in the real world.
One can experience new behaviors, even make mistakes, and still receive constructive feedback.
At the same time, watching a colleague as they act and cope, enriches the myriad of models to which an executive is exposed, which, in turn, is in itself meaningful learning.

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