Simulation workshops

All the tools needed for an unforgettable learning experience

Simulation workshops

In order to learn to do something well, training and repetition are needed. The most effective learning occurs in observation and processing that occurs after each step of training. That is exactly what our simulation workshops allow: a realistic training in complex situations and a subsequent learning process.
“Bamacom” undertook to promote the world of organizational and executive development by introducing the element of experience and coaching in trainings and organizational processes. We come to you, we diagnose your needs and tailor a specific solution suited for you. Each of our workshops is unique because it reflects the dilemmas specific to the organization, its language and characteristics. As a result, the participants in the workshops receive a realistic reflection of the reality in the organization and are able to experiment and learn in the most beneficial way.
“Say, do you work here? How did you know what our clients sound like?” This is an example of a spontaneous response by a participant of a “Bamacom” workshop. It is real and tangible and therefore it allows accurate training and relevant processing and learning processes which are translated into rapid application.

We offer a variety of development and training options:

All the tools needed

for a creative solutions

Customized simulation workshops

Each organizational process is unique to the time and place in which it occurs. “Bamakom” specializes in tailoring a solution that’s right for your organization by creating unique processes which integrate elements of experience in connecting ideas to their realization in reality.

Simulation workshops for executives training

Training processes for executives at different levels can incorporate a training component through simulations, so that executives have the opportunity to practice and apply the skills acquired in the training and thereby maximize its effectiveness.

Simulation workshops for interpersonal skills

Conflicts and difficult conversations, employee development, feedback and evaluation... each complex interpersonal skill can be addressed through the proper training using simulation tools.

Implementing Organizational Change

Every vision should be expressed in the organizational day-to-day. Simulation workshops help narrow the gap between dream and reality by enabling practicing and experiencing challenging situations that the change poses. This allows participants to experience the manifestation of the realization of the vision.

Screening simulations for key roles

Recruiting the right person for the job is a complex process; it’s costly and is limited in its predictive abilities. Incorporating realistic simulation at the screening stage can significantly help raise the level of confidence in the screening process.