Organizational consulting services

Everything an executive needs to succeed

Organizational consulting services

After all, the way employees experience their work life is dramatically influenced by the personal and professional qualities of the person in charge of them. People will leave a highly paid dream job with ample professional challenges if they perceive their manager as someone who will stand in their way to realizing themselves on the job. Therefore, the services we offer enable managers to get the most out of their employees in a way that serves also their own developmental needs and their employees’ on their way to achieveing the organization’s goals.
Our specialization is in providing management skills that enable managers to achieve their organizational and personal goals by creating a beneficial work environment that encourages employees to be independent, thus relieving the manager of a load of burden and responsibility.

We offer the following services:

All the tools to solve problems in creative ways

Executive Training and Guidance

Starting a new executive position or an increase in the scope of the managerial control is accompanied by many challenges: both in the perception of the new position and in the additional skills required in order to carry it out well. At “Bamakom”, we combine up-to-date knowledge with experiential learning methods that lead to an exceptional impact on the executives' ability to implement their knowledge and feel confident in their position.

Executive Coaching

Managers bear a great deal of responsibility; they have to make countless decisions and be accountable for their consequences. It can get lonely at times. Advising executives at key junctions helps accelerate learning and development, strengthen and foster effective behaviors, and enable the person to be at their best on the job.

Organizational Change

Every change begins in a dream about a different reality. The ability to realize this dream in reality is pivotal to the executive's ability to lead effectively and is fraught with obstacles and unforeseen circumstances. Accompanying the executive in the process of change helps them to plan and implement changes in a manner that will lead to maximum responsiveness and cooperation among the relevant partners in the organization, and bring the dream closer to reality.

Leadership Lectures

A combination of research knowledge with contemporary and traditional, together with "working knowledge" from working with various organizations, produce a lecture that is not just academic, but is a thought-provoking encounter that ushers in change.