About "BaMacon"

“Bamacom” - Organization consulting and Simulation Workshops

Bamacom aims to create a powerful experiential learning experience that helps bridge the gap between knowledge and the ability to perform it (The knowing-doing gap) thereby integrating the application component as a structured part of training and change processes in organizations through the use of experiential tools for training and practice.

How did it all start?

Until recently I was a lecturer at the academia. I taught naval cadets about leadership in the world and in the army, and about the psychology of leadership. And then I received this:

I laughed, and was moved. I realized that in a few sentences, they summarized my purpose in the world.

Because really, it’s a flop. They loved me, but what I taught is secondary; they will not remember anything from it. This is what happens in traditional learning – a lecturer giving a presentation in a classroom, by the blackboard.

My purpose here, in “Bamakom”, is that everything learnt is implemented. To this end, learning and leadership development must be taught through a meaningful experience and include aspects of training and observation of the training.

Then, who knows if they remember me; what’s important is that the learning stays deeply rooted in the experience, and therefore in the trainee’s mental and physical memory.
We realize that there is a big gap between our knowledge and what we manage to implement (anyone who’s ever gone on a diet can attest to it). The key to minimizing the gap between knowing and doing is to practice skills in real life.

Therefore, wherever there is learning and development, whether in the academia, in the high-tech industry or in social systems, we are here to bring life to learning and make it an unforgettable experience. We integrate a component of live, real training into the learning processes – and so the process of implementation begins within the framework of the training, and not at its conclusion.

What our clients say?

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Psychologist M.A and organizational consultant since 2007, specializing in leadership development. A senior consultant at the School for Leadership Development, where she accompanied the naval cadet course and development program in the Staff and Command College. A lecturer, group facilitator, and consultant to organizations and executives. Shira specializes in developing emotional and interpersonal communication skills among executives and lecturers. In 2017 she established "Bamakom" - an organizational consulting and simulation center.

Shira Sheinman

Graduated from Tel Aviv University, Department of Theater, and Teaching and Evaluation Methods. Director, actor, group facilitator. Establishes and operates training platforms in the organizational sector for 22 years.

Avi Sharfman

BA graduate with honors from the Haifa University in communal theatre. Works as an actress in the simulation center in Sha'anan college. Clown Care for "Dream Doctors". Social clowning in "Emuna" boarding school Afula. Group facilitator on behalf of "Efshar Aheret", Teaches a youth theatre group, and to people with special needs . Performs in Israel and abroad with her solo show "Kishkushim", directed by Ophir Nahari.

Nofar Moati Eizenkot

graduated in 2014 from the Academy of Performing Arts acting school in Tel Aviv. She is a graduate of acting in front of a camera, Sharon Alexander, B.A graduate in Humanities and Social Sciences, actress for the theatre, on Television and simulations.

Racheli Ankar